Wendy Charles

September 13, 2021

Country: USA

I’m extremely passionate about the use of health information technology (and particularly blockchain) for advancing data opportunities for healthcare and life sciences research.

I’ve been involved in clinical research operations and compliance for nearly 30 years as part of my goal to make a meaningful contribution to improving efficiency of healthcare information sharing. Specifically, I leaned toward innovative technologies and our ethical responsibility for protecting research participants’ data and safety. My own research involves health information technology for empowering data sharing and dynamic consent.

Expert knowledge of blockchain technology and standards for life sciences research.
Regulatory compliant strategies for including health information technology in life sciences research.
Research designs to establish effectiveness, efficiencies, and satisfaction for health information technology.
True joy when talking about science!

I love sharing how blockchain can accelerate discoveries in life sciences research.
I treasure opportunities to work with students on research designs and ethical protections.
I get excited when I discover a new research article that shows empirical evidence for an angle I’m trying to explain.
I lay awake at night thinking about new opportunities to implement innovative technologies in life sciences research.

Speak for your next global webinar or event
Write a scientific article or book chapter together
Learn more about data sharing in life sciences research