Innovation and Digital Transformation Support

Under the Venture Client strategy, the dynamic Open Innovation Platform allows industry leading organisations to identify, meet, and contract the finest startups. Co innovate ventures is dedicated to assisting companies in their digital transformation and innovation by allowing Corporate Venture Clients to be early adopters of the most innovative technologies developed by startups and incorporating competitive, cutting-edge solutions into their processes.

Startup Scouting and Analysis

Corporate Venture Clients benefit from startup scouting and targeted training that is tailored to their individual aims and problems in their digital transformation and road to innovation. Since 2021, co innovative ventures has been creating a global Startup Network that has attracted over 2, game-changing solutions. It identifies and analyses the most cutting-edge technologies and business solutions in the areas of most interest to corporate clients.

Educating and Empowering

It has created training and workshops to help entrepreneurs and companies serve as a bridge by establishing a basis for achieving partnerships. Co innovative ventures is super active in the Industrial and Entrepreneurial Ecosystem, giving the Programme regular publicity, creating professional relationships, and up to date on industry trends. Large firms can discuss their venture consumer experience and acquire insights, motivation, and connections with their own initiative by engaging professionals through socializing and professional event scheduling.