Legal Notice

We do know how important it is to negotiate and structure the shareholding, IP rights and all the commercial arrangements starting from inception of your project in order to avoid any legal issues and arbitration / litigation in the future. We are perfectly aware of how vital it is to combine comfort for your investors in terms of their reserved matters with flexibility for you to run the business in swift, responsive and efficient manner.

We have partners for both, commercial and legal expertise and we perfectly combine for your benefit commercial view with legal expertise.

Why Do Start-Ups Need a Lawyer?

Start-ups need lawyers for the following reasons:

  • Government – You shouldn’t violate laws and you need to know you’re doing business the correct way so you won’t have unnecessary taxes and you pay the taxes you owe.
  • Public and third parties – It’s important to know the steps you need to take in order to control the interactions with clients, employees, suppliers, and the public.
  • Each other – when many people form a company, it’s best to understand the expectations of the founders to avoid disagreements in the future.

If you need help with legal assistance for your startup, you can post your legal need on our office. Co Innovate Venture have partners who can help you from A to Z.

Lawyers on Co Innovate Venture come from law schools and average 14 years of legal experience..