Language Practicing & Perfecting.

September 16, 2021

Language speaking and practice application. Itis also an online school where you can come everyday to learn something new. We show you how to teach yourself.

We simply interact and show you how to build on your current knowledge.  

We focus on discipline, personal development, and creating awareness for language learning.

It was created with the intent of building an interactive online learning community.

A place where you can come everyday and learn something new, a platform that is gonna help you reach your goals whether that is improving your language and communication skills or learning how to be competitive in the work industry.

A community where people from all origins and backgrounds come together. A team of skilled and dynamic people willing to share their knowledge and experience with you. A concept that allows you to travel and broaden your horizons by discovering countries, cultures and traditions with locals.

Teacher Services

  • Teach Lessons & Find Students through your platform
  • Let Students Find You online and locally
  • Net-work with other teachers
  • Share & Access to Teaching Material
  • Assign homework and reach new students on NP – APP

Student Services

  • At Least 1 lesson per month
  • Access to learning material
  • Share stories and experiences with other students
  • Gain experience teaching and learning
  • Education classrooms with the NP – APP

Career Service

  • CV Writing & Interview Practice
  • Teaching and Learning Experience
  • Recommendation / Reference
  • Professional Development Courses