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November 04, 2021


Agricultural Products / Nuts / Hazelnut and Hazelnut Products.

As in the world hazelnut production, Turkey is also the leader in the world hazelnut export. Turkey realized 68% of the world hazelnut exports in 2019. Turkey was followed by Italy with 9%, Azerbaijan with 8%, Chile with 4%, Georgia with 3% and other countries with 8%.

Problem you are solving:

1- Machine park and production areas required for new production line

2- Financing and working capital to cover these (especially for the purchase of hazelnuts)

USP (Unique Selling Point ):

We have a dealership system in the country, and our negotiations in the industrial and retail fields for international sales are continuing and are at the final stage.

Competitors in the market:

Of course, as in every business line, we also have competitors in our business line our USP is faster smooth mechanism of process with proven line of sales.

Is it a global product?

Hazelnut is the most sold product in the world and is exported to 122 countries. Taking into account the competitive conditions, providing hazelnuts directly from the producers and its surroundings, reducing operating costs by taking advantage of the advantages of being in the Organized Industrial Zone, making product differentiation, increasing our sales capability in our own brand and products, in terms of costs and prices in terms of world prices after the increase in exchange rates. Our attractiveness and the increase in export opportunities accordingly increase our domestic and international opportunities in our marketing plan.