Entrepreneurial culture Ayşe Kaşıkçı

The entrepreneurial culture and attitude cannot be adapted by everyone; it requires perseverance, imagination, courage, a free/exploratory spirit and hard work. 

Since these features are elements that ensure the continuation of life, they are also important and provide substantial value.
Entrepreneurship ensures continuity in every period; it keeps up with the changing conditions for the next period; answers the question of how to make the future better than the past.
In other words, it directly affects the survival of societies.
In these processes; the importance of entrepreneurship is not only about money earned; it is measured through the value​​ created for the region or sector one is in. 
The impact on the country’s economy is also another crucial factor. 
Considering the deficiencies in sectors and systems, especially in emerging markets; through initiatives with higher quality/innovative products and services a much higher growth potential will be ensured.
Simultaneously, while entrepreneurs develop products and services within their countries and societies, this also leads to an increase in economic and social recovery. 
While doing such a valuable and critical job; it is key to uphold ethical and social values, to be honest and reliable. This will be beneficial for the prolongation of the life span of the enterprises. In a different region of the world where a similar enterprise may be needed, one can apply similar business models – and consequently lead to same values operating in that region as well. Finally, it is very important that you never stop believing in yourself and the change you can make, and be aware of the facts 
 I hope, together, we can build a better future for all of us.