INVESTMENT: Venture Club 20+ Firms

The Co Innovate Venture Club provides Startups with access to more than 20 of world’s leading Venture Capital firms, with a B2B approach, investing in startups, SME in early or growth stages. Startups participating in the Innovation & Acceleration Program get the opportunity to grow with the evaluation, validation and support from these venture capital firms.

The great majority of startups will fail if they do not receive startup funding. The amount of money required to bring a firm to profitability is typically far beyond the founders’ and their friends’ and family’s financial capabilities. A startup is a firm that is designed to grow quickly .

Prior to establishing profitability, high-growth organisations nearly always need to burn capital to maintain their growth. Only a few new businesses succeed.

A war chest not only allows companies to survive and develop, but it is nearly always a competitive advantage in all areas that matter, including employing key personnel, public relations, marketing, and sales. As a result, most businesses will almost definitely seek funding. The good news is that many investors are looking for the appropriate startup to fund. Fundraising is brutal. Raising the funds is frequently a long, arduous, complex, and ego-deflating procedure.