Agriculture, Food Industry

September 24, 2021

The vital importance of food security in agriculture allows investors to develop precision and sustainable farming methods with new technologies.

Agro technology is the use of new technologies for horticulture and aquaculture. The benefits reduce impact on natural ecosystems, increase yields, quality of product, sustainable efficient safer foods and lowering prices.

The farming industry solutions utilizing new technologies such as robots, weather tracking, indoor vertical farming, advanced AI, drones and rovers, satellite imaging, Internet of things (IoT) and sensors.

These tools will help improve seeding and plant and planting, harvesting, weed control, crop maintenance, watering and irrigation.

In the fisheries the introduction of new technologies mechanisms such as GPS, fish finders, echo sounders or acoustic cameras has benefited by increased yields of capturing fish, recirculating aqua cultural systems (RAS), more common sustainable methods with water recycling and waste reused as as fertilizer for agriculture.