Why Hold? When You Can Hover!

September 16, 2021

It’s a Hovering Smartphone case!

We utilizedownward force engineeringwith a pinch of Physicsto produce Lift & Hover.

Lockyour phone inside and Just let go, it will Hover stable and steady in mid-air enabling Hands-Free phone functionality.PhoneQuad instantly converts your Smartphone (iOS or Android) into a compact, durable and foldable Drone.

With our proprietary voice recognitionsoftware, you’ll be able to control Phone via Bluetooth AirPods.The relationship between your phone and our solutions are independent of one another, neither will drain the other’s battery life. If you love posting Pics and Videos to Social Media…

Our solution makes this process and your life so much more exciting. The future of Hands-Free communication using smart devices is truly realistic.


For The Love of Drones!

Neil , Founder and CEO of this amazing New York based UAV/Drone Technology Company. Serial Entrepreneur, I developed and exited multiple Retail (Brick & Mortar) businesses as well as successfully launched and operating a Fin-Tech Consulting company. I have decades of I.T. experience in the Investment Banking/Tech sector. My professional background as a Sr. Market Data Business Analyst encompasses Market Data software/Hardware, Real-Time Data Feeds, software packaging/testing, cost analysis reporting, Trade Desk support, Exchange relations, audits & compliance initiatives, strategic selling and enterprise wide project management experience and expertise.